Review for Caught Up In This Web

Caught Up In This Web

(#) jajajajaime16 2009-06-11

hey-read this like you asked me too, and it gave me a few laughs. so thanks for dragging me back out of the...not-so-good mood I was in. :)
Pretty good. And wow...even my adorkable crazy friends aren't that loud...
I've never been to a Jack In a Box. We don't have those here...
Random! Nyway.

Author's response

Hey! Thanks for reading, and I'm glad you liked it. Oh snap, I totally forgot to rate your new chapter..!! So I'll just go and do that in a second XD
Yeah, my friend Taylor is THE loudest and most PERVERTED friend I have in my existence.
And O_O No Jack In A Box? -_- You are so lucky. Where do you live?
Totally non-stalkerish!