Review for Ghost In The Mirror

Ghost In The Mirror

(#) _Amy_Revenge_ 2009-06-12

Aw, that's so sad! It almost reminds me of how I used to be(minus all the drugs and alcohol). Well..pot makes you do that all depressed and shizz..

I wrote a pretty sad..sort that you might like..and I dunno if it'll help or anything, but you seem like the type of writer that writes best when depressed so.. I dunno. But anything to help. And I'm not judging you, I'm just really tired cos I just woke up and I feel like rambling on and on and on and BLAH!

So anyway, you should check some of my stuff out. And I'll be right beside you reviewing every time you update XD


Author's response

Gahh well I wasn't depressed :D in fact I'm totally effn happaaayy xD it was supposed to be in gerard's POV but I screwed up xP