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Dead End Job

(#) nadialexandra 2009-06-13

Eep. I've been gone for quite a while. :|

Famine made me crack up. I mean, it's evil and messed up, but hilarious. You get that? Still, he's hanging around with Death. I wonder why he went AWOL. Now that Gerard's filling in for Death, he feels like caring? If anyone should get punishment, it's Richard for doing fucking up in the first place, or Death himself for leaving. Gerard dying, though? That doesn't make much sense to me. Still, I like how twisted both Death and Famine are. I'm dying to know what they'll plan to do to kill Gerard.


P.S.: that pun was not intented.

Author's response

Death's quite happy someone standing in for him if he's as useless as Richard, but Famine's got him thinking that Gerard has actually volunteered and wants the job. He thinks he has competition and he doesn't like that - especially from a guy who's more handsome than he is.

Chapter 2 on the go

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