Review for The Sleeping Dragon Wakes

The Sleeping Dragon Wakes

(#) Meteoricshipyards 2006-09-01

Hmmm, a poisonous wand. That's unique. Snake teeth are curved, however. Did Olivander straighten it out?

Heir to all those houses. Wonder what that's going to do.

I can already guess that Harry found out that there's a blood relative he should have been with instead of the Dursleys, and that's what's got him angry at the first parchment. Either that, or he's not really related to petunia

Good story. Thanks for writing.

Tom A.

Author's response

The wand will have a slight curve but not much of one. I don't picture the basilisk fang as being extremely curved to begin with.
It was already stated a few chapters ago that Harry is not related to Petunia as Lily was adopted in my AU version of the world.
Thanks for reviewing!