Review for Dead End Job

Dead End Job

(#) thegayestgoth 2009-06-19

wow. i was looking for something funny to ready, and here it is. funny is an understatment, though. i love Famine. who'd want that guy around.

and what type of 'death assistant' is named Richard? god, i love it. Richard. that's such a fantastic name because the job is so non-typical.

gerard mathews. what is WRONG with this guy?! and poor mikey!

is richard actually in CHARGE of deciding how and when you die?

and is gerard going to be in a coma for 7 - 10 days.

nice going, Richtard. i'm loveing this story. priceless. you're going to get jailed for your imagination, Sas.

~mr gayestgoth

Author's response

Hey! Thanks for reviewing! I'm glad you're enjoying it :D

Richard isn't in charge of how or when, he's just collecting. If he had a clue about how or why, he might do a better job of it!!

Hope you like the next chapter!

Sas x