Review for Stranger Than Fanfiction

Stranger Than Fanfiction

(#) DrT 2009-06-19

How many chapters are you planning for this? Just interactions with the players, or how they use the info?

Author's response

Hi DrT,

I gotta say I got a buzz out of seeing your review.. the first review for my story.. again! :)

I don't have everything planned out, and I confess that the length of the story is going to be at least in part dependent on the interest people have in it. No point writing something that people don't want to read is there? I've got Voldemort's end plotted out, so really it comes down to how much 'filler' to include between where this first part ended up, and taking care of ol' snakeface.

I do have a few ideas around the Room, as well as 'Bruce's' existence (or lack thereof), discussion of the various plot points in the HP stories and how they can be improved, manipulated, etc, and of course using the plot points from some of the more well known (and maybe lesser known) fanfics.

I guess it all depends on whether people are going to want to read that sorta thing or not. I know I'd want to, and personally I hope a bunch of people jump on this idea and write a bunch of fics like this.