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Stranger Than Fanfiction

(#) michae1ange1o 2009-06-19

Hey this is actually a very cool story. I gotta agree with ya about Ron, I so wish JK would have killed him off instead of Sirius. I could gripe about Ron, Jinny, Dumbles and Remus all day. My God Harry could do with someone giving him a good shake and a few slaps around the head for good measure.

Author's response

Heh heh.. Yeah, I don't think either Dumbles or the ranga are going to appreciate Bruce's views. In fact, I'd say both of them are far from getting an 'Outstanding' or 'Exceeds Expectations' for their efforts. Lupin I'm bit 'meh' over.. he hasn't done anything wrong, he just hasn't done anything much right as far as Harry goes. Same goes for Ginny really. Can't blame the little ginger for having a crush over a celebrity can we? Still, If she was really in love with Harry, she sure has a funny way of showing it.. dating Corner for most of her 4th year, then moving straight on to Dean without even taking a shot at Harry when Ron hints at it on the train back to Kings Cross? Sure, it shows she's lost the crush, but she seems a little too... opportunistic to me.