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Stranger Than Fanfiction

(#) siaru 2009-06-19

"I guess it all depends on whether people are going to want to read that sorta thing or not."

Count me in. Even keeping the SI to an advisory level by not letting him leave the RoR, you can knock down a bunch of 'duhhh'-points in canon (and canon characters). Or maybe give him a more active Oracle role, using the detention mirrors. Either way, this can be a very interesting meta-fic.

Oh, and Voldemort is the symptom; the tight grip held by the Dumbledore/Pureblood axis is the problem, and the story's not done until it's broken for good (DrT, Bobmin, Nightelf, Robst, Perfect Lionheart, DisobedienceWriter etc. have written about this).

Author's response

Cheers for that, glad to have you on board for this little romp. One of the things that I'm going to enjoy about writing this is the opportunity to get Harry to reconsider everything that has happened to him , and the part various people have played in his life to get him to wake up and smell the coffee. Wonder if we'll end up with the Dark Lord Rettop afterwards? (kidding!)

It's funny you should mention the issues of whether the OC can leave the room or not. Since we know Bruce is a Star Trek fan, you just know he's wondering how many of the holodeck limitations apply to him, and whether he is as real as he thinks he is, etc.

As for the post-Voldemort stuff... Let's get through that first and see where we are then. It wasn't part of my original idea, but then again, I haven't plotted out any form of epilogue yet. I need to find out what the characters want to do before I can decide that.