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Stranger Than Fanfiction

(#) MonCappy 2009-06-19

It is good to see this posted to a wider audience. I have high hopes for this story. This has been a good introduction and I hope that we get to see how Harry and Hermione use this information to their benefit (while providing both Dark Lords and Snape the gruesome deaths they deserve).

I would say that Snape wasn't on the side of Light at all. He was merely at the side of another Dark, namely Dumbledore's. The only Light was Harry and Hermione.

Author's response

Heh heh.. Well, I'm not sure if you're going to get what you want, but I'm not saying you aren't either.. We'll see how the story goes.

I know you want to see Snape fed slowly through a chipper, but despite how much we both want to think of him as only an evil git, he actually was fighting gainst Voldemort. Doesn't mean he was doing it for good reasons, and doesn't mean he wasn't evil, and it also doesn't mean he was actually light himself! It just means that by opposing Voldemort he was on the side of the light, even if only slightly..