Review for Stranger Than Fanfiction

Stranger Than Fanfiction

(#) fic_reader1 2009-06-19

could be intersting depending where you take the stor good first chapter for sure. the one thing that I noticed is that you went with the midly timid harry that is easly handled by herm and a take charge herm but she just sits bake and takes abuse frome bruce? just a thought cant wait to see where you go with the story.

Author's response

Thanks for the review and I'm always interested in discussing the motivations of characters (we can do more of this on my thoughts_of_pudding yahoo group if you like).

Hermione knows that Harry has created the room and its contents, which includes Bruce, so I suppose the question is, would she fel the need to argue with a non-entity? I don't think someone as intelligent and logical as Hermione would be the kind of person who would yell at her computer screen for instance, and arguing with Bruce might be considered much the same way.

I'm not sure I'd consider Harry timid, but he is used to accepting a lot of abuse, presumably thanks to the Dursley's raising of him. I know I'd never have put up with Snape's crap without giving him a mouthful back, and Umbridge's quill would have been snapped the first night of detention (just as in some fanfics).

Once Harry's had a few things explained to him and a chance to consider his lot in life, I suspect he'll start doing things a little differently.