Review for Stranger Than Fanfiction

Stranger Than Fanfiction

(#) bigshot 2009-06-19

this story is gonna be VERY interesting to read. I hope you do write all of it, but try to keep Harry at a believable power level in my opinion.

Definitely keep Sirius alive, I can't think of a believable way that Harry could have prior knowledge of his death, fail to keep him alive, and not have a complete breakdown.

btw, Ron and Lupin are complete asses. Go Chonks!

Author's response

Well, keeping Sirius alive is going to be one of the objectives of course. We'll have to wait and see how that works out.

'Chonks'? I can't say I've heard of that.. I'm guessing Charlie/Tonks? Hmm, apart from fanfics like This Means War, and one other (whose name escapes me) I haven't seen much of that ship.. Then again, after reading Lorddwar's HP & the Summer of Change, I don't want to read Tonks with anyone but Harry anyway. So she'll just have to stay single in any non-Honks fics I write. :)