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Stranger Than Fanfiction

(#) taxzombie 2009-06-19

Considering you mentioned fanfics and the fact that the last two books were not that great. I stopped reading after book 5. Ok, I admit I got about 100 pages into 6 before I threw up my hands in disgust. As for 7, deep, dark pit, cement, Jimmy Hoffa. Give you a clue? End of rant.

Back to my comments, you mentioning fanfiction opens this up to all kinds of things. It's already out of canon so I say go for it. You can have one heck of a romp what with cluing Harry in on the stuff from book five and then having him, get a clue, get trained and then kicking both dark lords butts or at least ruining the plots of the demented one while killing the other.

Thank god you don't plan on having him hook up with the stalker. As for the brainless one, don't really care what happens to him.

Don't slap an 'S' on his chest but get him up to speed, and have his brain start firing on all cyclinders. With 'the bushy/bossy one' finally truly in his corner he should be able to whip moldishorts.

Wouldn't mind seeing Luna brought into the mix either. Doubt this would phase her at all.

Enough rambling. Stop reading this drivel and give us some more story - PLEASE!

Author's response

thanks for the review.. I pretty much agree with everything you wrote. As for the 'S' on his chest, I'd like to think he's not going to get anything that Jo didn't already hint at through canon. though I will be ignoring anything she's said in interviews later.

Maybe he'll get a little more.. After all, the prophecy does talk about being marked as Voldemort's equal, and Voldemort is at least at the level of Dumbledore based on the fight in the Ministry.

Personally, I can't see how Harry can create a Patronus at 13 that can drive off over a hundred dementors (when any Patronus is supposed to be hard to create), and not be considered very powerful. I think his otherwise generally average performance is the result of a lack motivation and discipline. With more focus and intent, I suspect his magic and studies will improve a lot (just as in other fics)

Still, unless Voldemort has an 'S' on his chest as well, Harry won't have one.