Review for I Wanna Be The Fucking Savior

I Wanna Be The Fucking Savior

(#) CaroBECKETT 2009-06-26

Wha kind of story is this? I love Paige, we do not fight, we rantt, and bithc but we do not fight !
Anyways, id kick her ass in real life :P
Kidding, I love Paige, and get at me on twitter (vivalacaro) please, for updates.

Hmm, ryn got bitten super gasp

Demi is a whore, and if bill feels like being a douche can I go flirt with David Blaise (this provident bassist ) or David Melillo (ciwwaf bassist) or anyone who's hot. Or the jonas brother !

Anyways, bill is a douche.
Paige is a douche.
Whatever :/

And you need to update soon, wana know what happens now !

Bwahah !
And its yopur story so paige and I can fight all you'd like.