Review for I Wanna Be The Fucking Savior

I Wanna Be The Fucking Savior

(#) ixamxnotxaxnugget 2009-06-27

Holyy shit. Dude.
WHile reading the bitch fight between Caro and Paige I was just like "Did Paige help write this or is she really that awesome of w write?!" Than I realized you're just an awesome writer.

For real. Paige really does talk (type) like that. Serisoully.

And dude. I really do get into heated debates for no reason. That was proabably an accident that, but still.
Gahhhh this is so awesome! :D

Fucking Demi.
She really does ruin everything.
Whore face.
Gap-face whore. (Yeahh I know the gaps been gone for a while but stillll)

AHHHH cliffhanger!
Update soon before I die over this suspense.

Youz and this chappy were soo awesome, it cant be put into words.
Same as Caro, twitter me if you update @ natalierawr.
PS- So's I realize you likes Ryro..
And you seem pretty much awesome.
Wanna be in my story?
Paired with Ryro.
I just need a decription. Email me at . :)