Review for Harry's Heritage

Harry's Heritage

(#) apr 2006-09-02

An interesting and humorous story. It has potential but needs better formatting and improved/expanded writing as it currently reads like a long summary.

Author's response

Thanks. The formatting is a screw-up by FicWad - I've got a gripe about it in to the admins. I submitted HTML, I got garbage out. You can verify this at

FicWad in general doesn't seem to like me, as this sentence should have a blank line between it and the URL. Betcha it doesn't.

As for the telegraphic nature of the story - I will admit that is perhaps a failing from some points of view. It's almost more of a scene from a larger story, than a full story in and of itself. I do have plans to expand the story, and this will turn into but a scene in that story - one of the opening scenes, but just a scene.