Review for Bushels of Bad Habits

Bushels of Bad Habits

(#) lovetah 2009-07-03

yaaaaay!!!!! you're back, another chapter is up, and steph and ryan are just unbearably cute together! :)
aww this made me soo happy, i was smiling the whole time, steph wasn't the only one with a really goofy and foolish smile on her face.. haha

ohh i hope you feel better soon! wow, how did that happen?

can't wait to see when and how they'll tell the others about their secret relationship..! ohhh this is exciting.. haha i'm addicted :D
and of course i'll look up ur story on mibba... i don't really trust ficwad either.. i'm having sooo many problems with it.... there are days when i can't read ANY stories... oh well....

update soon please? and feel better soon!!! xo