Review for The Sleeping Dragon Wakes

The Sleeping Dragon Wakes

(#) Geovanni_Luciano 2006-09-02

So far I'm rather impressed with the story, however I found this when doing a Harry/Tonks search and so far there has only been one interaction of any merit between the two. I do hope that if this is going to happen that it does start developing. So far this has been more Voldemort/Lucius Slash.

Author's response

There are no set 'ships in this fic. I will have an Author's Note at the beginning of a chapter if I change my mind and decide to have a pairing develop more fully. Any interactions that occur will most likely not lead to anything meaningful...just like Tom and Lucius' little encounter at the Revel was definitely not about a meaningful anything beyond the interaction between a Dom and a Sub.