Review for How long have you been around? (AUDITIONS!)

How long have you been around? (AUDITIONS!)

(#) frankismyhomefry 2009-07-06

Name of character (or self): Katie or Ryn
Physical description (as much detail as possible. Links encouraged): 5'3 wierd eyes. They are blue on the outside with honey brown in the middle. Hair is dark brown and cut like cassadee from hey monday. 2 tattoos. One on right shoulder which is arrangement of music notes and stars. Then one on foot which its. Petite build.
Personality (again, lots of detail. I want to get the essence of your character): she is not really shy but quiet upon first meeting. Once she get comfortable with people she is loud and very outspoken. Not afraid to speak her mind. She is very artsy. Loves music, photography and writing. Loves dancing in the rain. Get attached to people. Really defensive and protective over those she loves. Loves to be held and cuddled even if its just holding hands. Hates lies and secrets.
What do you want your story to be about? Romance with Ryan Ross, Brendon Urie and Katie. She loves both of them deeply and wants both. Can't choose between. Possible the boys love each other as well