Review for How long have you been around? (AUDITIONS!)

How long have you been around? (AUDITIONS!)

(#) ash360 2009-07-08

Name of character (or self): Aubrey

Physical description (as much detail as possible. Links encouraged): 5'2 brown eyes.
Brown hair that's down to the middle part of my back now, with light brown eyes, I'm only like 5'2 and petite. Jeans, hoodies, and sneakers are a necessity; I have a tattoo of a music note behind my ear, and a star on my ankle. Oh and I have an industrial piercing, you know it goes across the top part of your ear.

Personality (again, lots of detail. I want to get the essence of your character): I’m really shy and quiet upon first meeting. Once I get comfortable with people I am loud and very outspoken. I’m very sarcastic and really caring about my family and friends. I laugh sometimes at the most random things, when I get mad I grab my Ipod and blast a song until I calm down. Loves music, and making taking pictures with my friends. I love the cold weather.

What do you want your story to be about?: Whatever you feel like writing would be fine so long as Ryan can be the lead :).