Review for Three-Winged Angel: Gift

Three-Winged Angel: Gift

(#) Ardwynna 2005-12-15

I could happily drown in the WAFF in this story and yet it was surprisingly full of substance too. Watching how the three SHM care for each other, how they interact, Kadaj's reaction to his new friend... it was adorable and insightful. The name Kadaj chose was a great indicator of how far certain fixations of his run.

Author\'s Response: Thanks! :) I nearly died of toothrot, too, after writing this. It skirts the edges of OOC even for me, but at the same time it WAS something I could see them doing. And the kitten's name was a bit...creepy to me. To be honest, I don't know exactly what happened to that kitten.... >_>