Review for Auditions!!!


(#) ixamxnotxaxnugget 2009-07-09

Name: Natalie

Apearence: Light brown eyes. Short-layered, long dark brown hair. Shortish side swept bangs. Button nose. Naturally rosey cheeks. Full lips (those are the three I hate writing because it makes it seem like I'm bragging but Im not I just feel like it's nessesary ya know? So yeah, not conceited). Sorta tan sorta not. People call me pale but I like to think Iv gotten a good tan this summer. For the most part I wear contacts but sometimes glasses. Thick rimmed, a dark reddish auburn color, and plastic. I wear for the most part dark skinnies. Sometimes short skirts. Either glamour kills or clandestine tees or tanks with hoodies of the same brands over them. I'm kinda average height. Like 5'3 1/2. Short compared to most though. I wear three rings and one necklace that I adore of a silver heart, pretty long chain on it too. I sometimes wear my lip ring too. I always have some type of eye make up on. Mascara, eyeliner, and various dark eye shadows.

Personality: Im easily read. Like, if I'm sad, yeah you could tell by one look. Sad but true. If you get on a subject that I know a lot about or I love I'll probably ramble on about it. I'm friendly, loving, for the most part nice. I pretty passionate about stuff. I can be loud. But if I'm not in the mood I'll be on the dl. I am a SMARTASS. Sarcasm I use a little too much. I also over anylize everyything.

Pairing: Gabe Saporta. I'm in love with him. Fasho.
Pete Wentz in an EXTREMELY close second. I've always and probably always will love him.
Mark Hoppus. My current obsession and crush.
Jack Barakat. We have the same sense of humor so I adore him

Something I couldn't live without: Umm that's hard considering I'm a huge packrat but I couldn't handle not having my friends. I love my friends. So yeah, that.

Done. Hoped you enjoyed my rambling. ;)