Review for Auditions!!!


(#) let_it_go 2009-07-09

i love these.

Name: Harper!

Age: Eighteen.

Eye color: blue green.

Hair length and color: Long blonde hair... past my shoulders... you decide.

Personality: FUN! VIVACIOUS! BLUNT! RIDICULOUSLY ADD! Ha, no. I'm pretty... interesting, I suppose. I have amultitude of characteristics that make up my personality, and most of them insist upon my sarcasm. ( i'm wicked sarcastic. haha) that, and my love for being in a happy mood... and joking around. i like to have FUN, and in serious situations, i will be serious, cause i can be... i can actually be a bitch at times... i do have a temper on occasion....

Something you totally couldn't live without: my friends, or my family. but if your talking item, then my camera.

Preferred pairing: Caleb Turman from FTSK
Brendon Urie from PATD
Ryan Ross from/used to be from PATD (don't know what your doing with that one... so yeah)
John O'Callahagn from The Maine
Alex Gaskarth from All Time Low
jack Barakat from All Time Low (i'm in love with their new CD.)

Clothing? I don't know what to call it. What you like to wear. "): Skinny jeans, band tees, tunic tops, leggings, ballet flats, converse, hoodies, my knot bracelets...(which don't come off. xD) nail polish is a must. i love changing it constantly... i'm addicted to OPI. bright colors are a necessity... bright colors and naturals... or blue. blue is my color. ... uh.. yeah. xD

Any other important information that you think is neccessary: erm. not really? xD other than my necklace, of a peace sign that i don't take off... nope.