Review for Rain


(#) PatbtrthnPete 2009-07-09

That was beautiful. I love how you point out that someone can be quiet and not suicidle. YOu did really well on that... I often feel like Mikey in this.

I'm weird quiet and all I really do is write... people ask me why I'm so weird too.

I usually just ignore them. Next time I might just say, "I'm just Beonca."

lol =)

But really that was amazing. can't wait to read another one of your, sure to be, masterpieces! =)

Author's response

Thank you so much for that, I really really appreciate that from you (:

i'm gonna be honest and say part of this was written about me, I'm the same way as well. I don't like to do the talking I'm a listener, if you will. I wrote this in about 10 minutes tops? Not really knowing what feedback I would get (:

Thanks again.