Review for Auditions!!!


(#) danceislife 2009-07-10

Name: Ainslee

Age: 21

Eye color: Blue/grey

Hair length and color: past shoulder blades wavy dishwater blonde

Personality: loves to laugh, carefree, creative, artsy type. Late to everything because her head's up in the clouds; yet she's grounded. Whimsical. It's hard to get mad at her. She's sincere and caring and truly wants world peace. She's participated in several protests and hopes to end child prostitution abroad.

Something you totally couldn't live without: Teddy bear named Lolly

Preferred pairing: (please put a few.): HARPER ALWAYS TAKES CALEB FROM ME!!!! Can I have Kyle then? He's a cutie. But really I'm open to anything.

Clothing? I don't know what to call it. What you like to wear. "): Artsy stuff. Tunics, skirts, lots of cotton and embroidered stuff, mostly wears flats. Likes antique jewelry, organic stuff. She's very much apart of the vegetarian/vegan lifestyle.

Any other important information that you think is necessary: So you should pick me because I'm injured and wrote this with one hand. Impressed? I am. lol Ainslee is fun to be around. Shy at first, but once she gets to know you she's quite the conversationalist. She has a compass tattooed on the top of her left foot, she's traveled to India three times for the purpose of volunteer work. She burns easily in the sun but quickly tans. She loves music and is constantly dancing to it. Her left nostril is pierced and she prefers to wear a thin hoop in it. She has her own garden and loves flowers, especially daisies. Going to school for Anthropology. She likes to people watch so this is fitting. She loves to carry her phone around because she loves having a camera right there; sometimes a regular camera can get too bulky.

I think that's it.