Review for Dead End Job

Dead End Job

(#) Moonshyne 2009-07-12

Hi there Sassy,

I honestly thought I reviewed this chapter but something must have happened.

I love how you included a fifth horsemen, probably the most dangerous of all.

You see it so much where someone needs help and people just stand by, because of fear or they just don't care.

I actually feeling sorry for Death for being so stupid to believe Famine and he says he knows him. Death has become an idiot!!

Poor Frank, it must be so horrible for him. Now he's suffering from survivor's guilt.

I hope you update this really soon, like you said in Master of the Puppets, and I imagine voting is complete for your new story. Looking forward to that one too!!

I'm off to Disneyworld on Wednesday so I'm hoping I'll get to read an update of at least one of your stories before I go!!!

Author's response

Thanks Moonshyne! You, Nadia and C review everything I write!! You're such stars!

Yeah, Famine's running rings around Death. He's easily wound up and Famine takes advantage. It's been explained that Death likes to hang around with Famine because he makes him look better. He's never given much thought to why Famine likes to hang around with him!

Well, the update is up, as promised. Hope you get a chance to read it before you go to Disneyworld. But if not, don't worry, it'll still be here when you get back! You're going to have SO much fun!! :D

There were some interesting ideas put forward. Not sure what I can use yet as I have an idea vaguely formed, but it will be Ray. He won by a 'fro.

If you like FOB stories, I've started my first one of those under a different account. If you fancy that, it's here:
But it'll only really make sense if you've seen the 'A Little Less Sixteen Candles...' video. If you haven't, it's a cool video, and you can find it here (if a little pixelated):

Thanks again!!
Sas x