Review for Dead End Job

Dead End Job

(#) Moonshyne 2009-07-14

Hi tnere Sas,

Poor Frankie!! Your are so right in saying there is more than one way to be injured.

That doctor was an asshole, yay for Bob!!!

What is Gerard going to do with War and Apathy trying to get them to fight over what to do about Gerard. I really hope they don't give in.

I hope Gerard has his own four horsemen willing to fight on his side til the end!!

I love this story!!

Author's response

Thanks so much for reviewing! Glad I got it done before you went away.

I'm so pleased you're still enjoying it!! You're one of my stars! You always review! :D

Yeah, there are some tough times ahead for Gerard and the guys. Let's hope Mari and Richard can help!

Gonna work on my FOB fic next, but more over here and Master of Puppets, Famous Last Words and the new one soon!

Thanks again!
Sas x