Review for Harry Potter and The Power He Has Not

Harry Potter and The Power He Has Not

(#) AKindOfMagic78 2009-07-17

-looking at your response above- At exactly this point I knew the outcome of the story - but I had to know, HOW! -grin-

Well, you don't like Ginny. I like her. You call her a little fan bitch (or so). I agree. Would you agree that nearly every human being after ten years of brainwash is "in the line"? Especially if it starts after not a quarter year of the birth...? For this I blame Molly! For there are so many Independent!Harry-stories where are the Independent!Ginny-stories? I have read one (I think, in German and incomplete) where she casts herself out of the Weasley-family (with an ancient and, of course, quite messy ritual) after Molly would sent her to a proper-witches-boarding-school in France far away from her Harry. Means, she is only named Ginevra. Not more. In all records (Hogwarts, Gringotts etc. pp.)!
New ideas? I hope so. 'Cause I like your writing-style pretty much!

"Mischief managed"

PS: Y'know - 2nd foreign language and so...