Review for To Fight the Coming Darkness

To Fight the Coming Darkness

(#) wesley 2006-09-03

Great chapter. Yeah that was a great fight between Voldemort and Dumbledore, although I think you used to many new spells and not enough of the killing curse. It is Unblockable and according to cannon his favorite. Apart from that to many people call Voldemort tom in your story I know it is easier to write but it takes away from him as a character.

I understand the name calling in stories where Voldemort isn’t as bad as they all make him out to be but in yours, he is truly a powerful man, and for people to always be calling him tom is foolish. Experienced fighters don’t underestimate their opponents. They speak their name with the reverence due. For fear, they become careless, and make a foolish mistake with a deadly enemy.

I have always thought Dumbledore’s belief that he knows Voldemort / Tom Riddle so well is incredibly foolish.

That said each writer has his, or her own style.

I also liked your fight between Hagrid, and Voldemort. And I loved the use of the potentially fatal mistake with Legilimency, though you did spell Legilimency wrong. It’s a take I have only seen used once before.

I am hoping to see a bit of Snape in a duel, or a fight of some kind even a raid, I am wondering if he is as good a duelist as he is made to be in the books. Only if you do make him a good duelist, I recommend Non-verbal spells only with the exception of the killing curse. Simply because it hold in character with Snape being very cunning and reflects that Snape was a spy and plays things very close to the chest.

I know there was more I wanted to comment on, but now that I am writing this review I can’t remember what it was, so in closing this was a great chapter, I really enjoyed it, and I can hardly wait for the next.

Author's response

Hagrid reason for being able to call Voldemort by his name will be explained next chapter. As for using a wide array of spells, I wanted the chapter to be a bit more than just a continious stream of killing curses. Perhaps it takes alot out of you to cast it? Against a master of conjuring and transfiguring, the curse is indeed blockable. You'll note that the first time he uses it, it gives Dumbledore an opportunity to cast a complex transfiguration creating the winged lion.

Snape in a duel. Coming soon by request.