Review for Fathers and Sons

Fathers and Sons

(#) lincolnderek 2009-07-22

Words can't describe the way I love the world of Dragon Ball. When I read this story, I saw how much of a pathetic fan the author truly is. To miss spell the word of the Saiyans is just utter stupidity.
But the part I disliked the most, was your imagination. You had no imagination, what so ever. Use your own work of the world of DB. I have done so as well. In my own version of DBAF, I have used new characters, new story lines, and new meanings of what Goku can do. Try to make your own story, by just adding in the characters, and this story will be greatly written. Until then, please stop.

Author's response

You're right, I don't spell Sayajin correctly - in Japanese, it should be "Saya-jin" instead. Saiyans is an American bastardization, not even worth watching.