Review for Mikey and the Skittles Adventure

Mikey and the Skittles Adventure

(#) MyChemicalFangirl 2009-07-26

Ahaha oh my fucking god.
I couldn't stop laughing! XD

Author's response

thanks so much, christie!!! you make feel really good about my writing! believe me, i need it. i'm glad you find this hilarious, because it's going to get a whole lot more hilariouser (that, right, i just now made that word up, do something xD). if you want to see how funny it gets, go check out Preview: Mean Guyz. and if you've never seen the movie Mean Girls/, i'd like to suggest it. the movie itself is so funny it'll leave you adorably paralyzed, and you'll totally have an idea of where /Mean Guyz is going.

once again, thanx so much, chica!!!
god bless :) ~mr gayestgoth

Ooh, my bad!!! i acidentally cross-referenced Mean Guyz and /Mikey and the Skittles Adventure/!

i did mean the first half of the response, where i was talking about /Mikey and the Skittles Adventure/.

you really did make me feel better about /MATSA/, because i really didn't think it would go over well. but it went over greater than i imagined thanks to persons suchs as yourself, christie!!! thankie!!! :)

then i cross-reffed /Mean Guyz/. (sorry, i'm trying to respond to two reviews at a time. But feel free to check out /Mean Guyz/, if you'd like).

sorry for the boo-boo. tanks so much for reading and enjoying my work. it makes my heart move in a way i've never experienced before, knowing someone(s) put there enjoys my work.

god bless :) ~mr gayestgoth