Review for Mean Guyz

Mean Guyz

(#) shehadtheworld12 2009-07-26

Wow hon, I truly love it (: I'm glad your back and now I don't have to call the mosquito man on you, just kidding..

But seriously welcome back, and thanks for the shout out xD I love ya!

This is way too funny, and I'll be waiting to read more.

Author's response

you're so evil, luma. mosquito man. i'll send him over to your place because it's sounds like you need him more than we do, because we haven't had mosquitos down here for a loooooongtime, which is weird down here.

and you are MORE than welcome for the shout-out!!! had it not been for you, i'd still be writing on quizilla!!!!

i promise i'll update soon. besides, you know you aren't going to let me forget anyway. you're going to harass me until i do post or if i take too long.

i promise, there will be more. i will finish this story unless i die beforhand. and if i do, i want you to finish it. XD

love you, smoochies for my bestie, call me tomorrow.