Review for Mean Guyz

Mean Guyz

(#) nadialexandra 2009-07-26

Eek! :3

Welcome back, mr. gayestgoth. You've been missed. I've been waiting for this since you posted the preview. Russell Brand and Mike Dirnt killed me. "Coach Brand, step away from the underage boys." Oh... I wound up watching the VMAs three times in a row after reading that.

Still. This is the first chapter; not preview.

Raimond. Rye-mond. Rye bread. Nasty. Ferr shurr. I don't know why I said that, butIhadto. Poor Rai, with his parents' "issues." He'll never be able to live it down that he's straight, will he? Haha.

And the bus... does that mean Mikey gets hit by a bus in the end? o_O

Well, it's 2am now. Gotta go. So I'll leave with a few parting words: Loved it. Hope you update soon.

Author's response

man. i just LOVE getting reviews from you. i find you so intimidating (but in a good way, trust me!)

thank you for welcoming me back, nadia. i really did miss hanging out on here.

that is so damned funny how you watched the VMA's after reading the preview (which by the way, it's okay to mention stuff from the preview, i left it up, so you aren't sharing something that isn't already out there) for /Mean Guyz/. did i telly uo i hadn't even realized the connection i'd made with Coach Brank and the JoBros until after you pointed it out? i'd just put russell in there because i just thought it'd be funny. then you pointed out that situation with the coach and the brothers, and then i remembered that stupid comment russell brand made on the jobros, and i saw that it worked out freaking GREAT in the story!!!

on Ray's neam situation, please re-read then ending there in the first chapter. i done some editing, because shehadtheworld12 said she was confused about the whole name thing. (think back to when in the actual movie, cady had a problem with people saying her name wrong. i incorporated it into the story, but twisted it to make it my own).

and the're going to have to stay tuned to see what happens. (and in all honesty, i aven't even gotten that far, but i know what i AM going to write).

thanks for loving. i will most def be updating soon.

god bless!!!!! :)
~mr gayestgoth

p.s. do you have a twitter? i'd LOVE it if we could follow each other. i'm (my updates are protected, so you'll have to send a request.) later, girl!