Review for Mean Guyz

Mean Guyz

(#) E-JayLovesGerard 2009-07-27

Dances Yayyy! Party time! seriously. party at my place :)

okay, im happy for one. excited for two.... and three? there is no three!

hahahahahahaha! too much rockstar

UPDATE.... please?!

xox E

Author's response

you're throwing for me because i posted?!!! I LUV YEEEEEEEW!!!!!! tee hee :P

calm down, anklebiter. well, not really, go crazy. just lay off the rockstar, those things can cause panic attacks if you have too many. it's a stimulant and highly addictive.

update coming soon, e-jay. i want you to be alive for it, tho, so lay off the rockstar. i want you to be around for the next chappy. EEEEK!!!! i can't believe i'm writing this story!!! it's so awesome!!!

stay tuned and thanks for reading!!! god bless!!! :D ~mr gayestgoth.