Review for Mean Guyz

Mean Guyz

(#) Moonshyne 2009-07-27

Hi there,


I'm glad you're feeling better enough to write. We all need to "emo out" every now and again.

I loved the updated chapter. I love that Ray's parents are open about such things as being transgenders. Though it is humurous to see the other side of the coin, them being disappointed that he's straight.

I love the whole questioning of God's love and gays. I tend to believe that the God I believe in is tolerent of all kinds of love, because it's such a rare and precious thing. I don't take the Bible word for word as it was written by men, men who had their own fears and prejudices. I believe if you're a good person and try to do the right things and our truly sorry for harm you may have caused other people, God would forgive you. We're only human after all.

I thought it was cute that his parents are acting like they're sending their 5 year old off to his first day of school. A little over protective. Of course almost being hit by a bus doesn't help matters.

I loved the last line and look forward to reading more when you get a chance!!