Review for Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love

(#) decaygirl13 2009-07-29

Name:Kendall or Kenny Description:Brownish blonde hair. Im 5'4 , and a bit skinny. Brown eyes and thick frame glasses.Mostly wear t-shirts and skinnys. I love my hoodies also.
Age:This part confused me x]
Age in human years(if not mortal):15
Favorite activities:Reading,Writing, Singing and playing piano
Talents:As in ?? Sorry if am a bit slow xD lol
Extra:I have a tendency to bite my nails a lot and I am shy when people first meet me but I tend to warm up to them eventually.
Special pairing:Mikey
if you have any questions please send me a message

Author's response

I'm sowwie you got confused, Hunny ;) By the whole age or age if mortal(in human years) I meant that you're either human or you're immortal like a vampire or werewolf LoL or anything other you can think of. I should probably go edit that haha