Review for Untitled For The Moment [Repost of former story]

Untitled For The Moment [Repost of former story]

(#) _Amy_Revenge_ 2009-08-06

"You're still on top of me, dumbass" was the best part(I think) in the first half :) Just cos..well.. I've said that line MANY times when my bestie jumped on me to wake me up. And believe me, it SUCKS! And I usually end up punching somebody, crying like mad, and then falling back asleep. :) It works, though, ha ha XD

And I make a LOT of faces, just to warn you. And this was amazing for your first story :) Most stories I read nowadays are all Ferard and stuff..which gets annoying after a anyway, I luffed it! And it's now a favorite :)


And if you ever get should check out a few of my "green" fics :) They're usually worth reading haha