Review for If I Lay Here

If I Lay Here

(#) RoseFrankiie 2009-08-08

Okay, I can't see exactly what I'm witing through tears, but there shouldn't be typos or anything in this *crosses fingers hopefully; so here goes. That was fucking brilliant, you are a really talented writer..with a pretty worrying mind, but write fanfics on MCR, most filled with sex or death, who of us aren't weird and twisted. I admit, I am a true softie, blubbering at anything and everything, but this was so well written and so believable, I would have cried ten times over at this. Its fucking amazing, you deserve like medals or something. hands over five gold medals Trust me, I know some talented writers, and you are one of them, its really spectacular. But yeah, I'll shut up because that was looooonnngggg zips lips*