Review for Caught Up In This Web

Caught Up In This Web

(#) shehadtheworld12 2009-08-12

I like hospitals, but only if I'm not the patient xD I would cry too if my best friend was in the hospital, my friend cried for me when I was in ICU for 2 fun.

I'm super cautious of writing around my parents, since my mom's bf is SUPER's real annoying...

I'm back and I'm tired as hell. But You updated and I'm happeh!

I'm rambling again...Vegas had so many shiny things, I'm still acting a little weird xD

Author's response

Teehee woo! Shiny things are amaaaazing :)

I originally had that super smexxi scene in the last chapter, but I got stuck so I took it out. And my dad actually helped me with it LoL he's cool like that. But it's still REALLY weird writing that sorta stuff, y'know? :)

Hope you had fun in Vegas, Hun XD