Review for Caught Up In This Web

Caught Up In This Web

(#) LoveFAI 2009-08-13

ASHDAKJSHDKASHD I WAS IN THIS! Sort of. Woot. That was exciting. I saw "Faye" in there and I was like....hey! That's my name!

Anyway, great chapter. Poor Taylor. That was brave of her though, taking the shot...

Hospitals piss me off. My mom had an asthma problem and she could hardly breathe and they made her sit in the waiting room for like an hour and fill out stupid forms. Like honestly, it was ridiculous.

Write more soon.


Author's response

Teehee yeah, I thought I'd put you in there...cos you've got a bomb-ass name! I would have asked but...:) Too lazy LoL

Taylor would totally take the shot..even if she doesn't really like him anymore haha

I'll probably write next week, at the latest. My dad throws hissy fits when I'm writing my "junk" and my lil bro gets bitch-like when he doesn't get to play his video games. Gahhh will the world never improve?!