Review for AZKABAN


(#) Vanir 2009-08-14

Erm. What jabarber said.

I really enjoyed the first section, where Harry just couldn't win.I mean, read the books, people! It's right there.
One day, i will include "the Ballet that killed a Dark Lord" in a story. I tried to visualise Harry's unique fighting style, and it only works as a ballet. Not kung fu, or Matrix or anything cool like that. You wrote a ballet, and i loved it. I would really have liked to read what the founders had to say to Fumbledore, but i guess that wasn't to be.



Author's response

Heya, Van.

It did start out pretty depressing, but then I think all the 'Harry in Azkaban' stories do. 'Course, as you said, the books have Harry being set up for slaughter, by Ol' Mr. Twinkles. It's hard to miss.

I thought of it more as modern dance, than Ballet, mesel'. I once watched a guy fighting the police in San Diego. He was on crystal meth. His movements were so much faster, if not as well coordinated, it was amazing to watch, and it took nearly twenty of them over an hour to corral him. He made the lot of them look like yokels chasing a greased pig.

Harry hasn't had the training for anything more complicated than 'make it up as I go', so that's what I did. I'm glad you liked the effect.

I really didn't know how to have the founders deal with Dumbledore, and I thought if I continued along that line, it would have become tedious. (How about this? They all sat in his office glaring at him over each and every decision he made until he screamed in frustration and jumped out his window...and everyone ELSE lived happily ever after. Snicker!)

Thanks for the comments.