Review for All the Cigarettes

All the Cigarettes

(#) Sassy 2009-08-15

So true about the carousel - I know someone's cases have to come off last, but it's scary when almost everyone's gone and you start thinking 'they've lost it!!'. Also, there are also a small number of bags that go around forever and no one collects them! I always wonder if that's someone else's lost luggage!

Anyway - great job as ever! Just enough description to land you right there in the story watching rather than just reading.

Sas x

Author's response

Everything about airports seems to level-up the anxiety. Something as simple as a carousel becomes this daunting thing! It's odd.

I am having fun with these short little things though. Besides the fact that it's really all I have time for, they're good experiments at crafting "complete" stories in few words.

Thanks as always for reading, Sas!