Review for I'm Looking For A Line To Feed You

I'm Looking For A Line To Feed You

(#) ohsotay23 2009-08-18

Heyyy! (:

Name: Taylor.!

Age: 15 (obviously would be changed. ahaha.)

Looks: Black hair- blonde two tone at about shoulder blades and straight, monroe piercing, belly button piercing, hip tattoo of a swallow, tan, blue/green eyes, 5' 4", curvy but athletic.

Most Annoying Thing In The World: Liars and cheaters. Oh, and when people spit. Bleh, ew.

Most Desired Guy Mentioned Above: Gabe Saporta would be amazing if possible? Or maybe trohman or pete. :D

Job: In real life? Movie theater ticket person. OR if you're talking about the story? Then whatever you feel is fitting for the character. (I'm into writing and lyricism though.) :]

And…. Bitch-ability (how much of a bitch can you be?): Honestly, I can be a major c*nt. I have an attitude problem and anger problems. Ahaha. But who doesn't now-a-days?