Review for NOTE for the art of holding hands

NOTE for the art of holding hands

(#) IeroMyHeroMCR 2009-08-20

Wells i can't wait for an update i miss this fic soooooo much! The comment from the BuiltforSin was from me on the third chapter. I accidently used my old account haha. Any ways pleasssssssssssse update soonz... please with a cherry on top!!!

Author's response

really :o thankyou so much sniffle that was SO epically nice of you!!

i will try but my internet is down
which is suckyy

i swear i am still writing but my second computer broken its a really old one in my room and it had ALL my shit on it so all my stuff is gone cries so i have to start again if its broken completely...

but i have imagination and i know where its going ;)

so it should be up hopefully soon but with the internet being down i cant get on the site unless i do it at collage it wont be up for a while

thanks for liking my story dude you and your yummiful reviews rock man!!!
p.s sorry for any typos im typing really fast lol love ya
xoxo Lottie oxox