Review for So Shut Your Eyes

So Shut Your Eyes

(#) Mz_sinner 2009-08-23

i still wanna see what elena showed willow
and this new feeling aswell is very interesting maybe they have different feeling for each emotion?and also that feeling she had that she wont ever see that room again is that a hint in anyway?
and that whole discussion between mikey and gerard aswell was great
and just gerard in general hsi feelings are still in turmoil i hoep he realizes he cares soon,also the paramour is something im looking forward to i wanna know if its gunna bring them together or tear them apart or both at the same time an i also wonder how mikey is gunna go at the paramour i mean thats the general reason their going their,and also why all his just happened now.

ill stop their lol really good update more soon i hope :)

Author's response

Hey I love long reviews! As for a hint? Maybe, LOL. The Paramour is going to be intersting I promise.