Review for Fate


(#) let_it_go 2009-08-26

My favorite animal is a fox. =] or a racoon. Hahaha

anyway, this was epic, amazing and absolutely the best ever. Well it was the best ever for the night, since it made my night better. I think I'm getting sick, which is going to suck with my nose ring.... But anyway, I loved it. So good.

And .... I have stabbed myself in the eye with a mascara wand. But that's besides the point. =]


Author's response

I'm sick right now too! I never know what to do with my nose piercing either. Do I put in a stud? (I used a corkscrew one when I wear them). Or do I wear a legit ring? (my preferred jewelry). I've tried both when sick. I can't decide which is easier...

I have never stabbed myself with mascara. Eyeliner yes. I think it's because the mascara wand I use has a HUGE handle. It's epic really....