Review for Just Another Hallelujah

Just Another Hallelujah

(#) areyounormal 2009-09-04

Ok so lessons learned - don't annoy Joe!!

I can actually relate to this as I started a band and when friends of our singer say to me 'You're in Alan's band aren't you?' it does make me grit my teeth a bit. I'm not going to be killing anyone though!

Great job!
Sas x

Author's response

Yep, no pissing off the Jews for they'll put the sheeny curse on you! O_O' j/k, I love teh Jews. =D Especially the ones of the Trohman kind, heh.

The whole band thing would piss me off, unless that person getting the credit was nice enough to clarify the error, rather than letting it go on, you know?