Review for Love Potion #9

Love Potion #9

(#) Worldmaker 2009-09-05




You're getting all bunged up over a fictional character. Seriously, what are you, five? Does it make you feel big somehow to right such bullshit?

Author's response

To RIGHT the bullshit?

Actually, yes, I do enjoy correcting the bullshit that was the last two books.

Ron abandoned his "best friend" and the "woman he loved" because he wasn't getting enough food. This was in the middle of a quest to save the wizarding world, not do their homework.

Ron shows through most of the series he is a miserable bastard, untrustworthy, and a bigot.

As a father, I would be crushed if my daughter chose someone like him over someone like Harry.

As to your other comments?
Yes, it is a mindless drabble bashing Ron, Ginny, and Umbridge while allowing fun for the H/HR set.
I've got worse coming for the dribbles of the Weasley's so you should probably avoid anything with my name on it and you will be happier.