(#) MonCappy 2009-09-06

I liked the story with the exception of the Draco / Ginny pairing. Not even Ginny should be bashed that far. In fact, were it up to me, Draco would be paired with a wood chipper or large scale meat grinder as he is fed into it feet first with spells cast on him that keep him alive until his head is ground into hamburger.

I do think you succeeded in writing a sympathetic Ron here, which is hard to do since I tend to despise him only marginally less than Draco, Snape and Dumbledore.

Author's response

Heya Mon Cap!

Unfortunately, the Ginny/Ferret pairing is one of the most popular. Personally, I agree with you, (and I think I can get you a spot as guest torturer the next time they film 'Caligula'.)

'Sides, I needed someone to make her faint, and somehow, I don't think Seamus would serve.

I originally wrote this long before I began to despise Ron. Back then, he was the! Trustwor...trustworthy...AH, WHO AM I KIDDING!?!

Pant! Gasp! Pant! OK. All better now.

Anyway he seemed to be a f...f...friend. WHEW! And like you, I think of him as a poor-man's Draco Malfoy.

Thanks for the review. Why not check out 'Snarkius Gittus'?