(#) JaCeeisme 2009-09-07

I actually agree with MonCappy about Ron, (and Draco, for that matter) and you succeeded far beyond what I could do to show a sympathetic Ron here. I am truly impressed.

Of course, I think Ginny's next kiss should be with a tall bloke in a ragged cloak, seems to float a few inches off the floor, has a smell of carrion and has a nasty habit of dropping the room temp by 80 degrees or so...

Canon!Ginny fan, I'm not.

Author's response

Heya, JaCeesime.

As I said, I wrote this several years ago. I used to be sympathetic to Ron, though the last books did tent to turn me off the character. Writing him in a sympathetic manner was both difficult and very easy. I had to work around my dislike and write the character as if he were me. Finding that the girl you are in love(lust) with, loves(lusts for) another, is painful at the very least. Trust me here!

Dunno if Mr. D. is available. 'Sides, I'm certain 'SUPER-GINNY' would have no problem with him.

And neither am I.