Review for Getting My Baby Back

Getting My Baby Back

(#) shehadtheworld12 2009-09-07

Just got home, and have quite alot of homework to do, like a damn essay, but I saw you upated and I just couldn't wait!

It felt so real, like I was there (:
I could thank god for Joanna.

Did Sarah Howell crack? Yes she did!
I love the tension, they do not deserve a child, and isn't it obvious that she's a liar? I just loved the way Joanna got to her (:

Alyssa at the stand? I'm nervous, but with good reasons. I'm looking forward to more.


Author's response

Hi there,

Thanks for saying that it felt so real I really appreciate that.

Yeah Joanna seems to be pretty good. Why has she never won a case against Daryl I'll never know. But I guess we'll find out.

Yeah they obviously don't deserve Emily unfortunately the judge is only seeing bits and pieces.

I've written some and hoping I can sit down a write more soon.

More courtroom drama to come along with some out of court drama.

Thanks for the review I really appreciate it.